Where Are We Going?

By S. Eubanks Photography on http://www.seubanksphotography.com

Over the years, I have been blessed with the opportunities to be both broke and comfortable financially. Most people would not call being broke and scraping for every last cent a blessing or an opportunity, but it taught me some very valuable lessons about myself, money, and how to thrive despite the circumstances in which I have found myself. This experience in no way makes me an expert in money or even a financial counselor or expert. Rather, it makes me just another person who figured out how to thrive despite the circumstances.

Currently, I am working in a career I love making a decent living at it which only came after years and years of struggle, adversity, endurance and building my credentials and qualifications. The accomplishments in my life have not been easy or even handed to me. Rather, they have taken determination, grit, and endurance. None of that sounds comfortable or even fun, but it is what has gotten me to where I am today. But once I arrived at my goals, that didn’t stop me from making more. Even now, I continue to build my credentials and qualifications by working to complete my Masters degree in the next 12 months. I don’t say any of this to brag. Rather, I want you to understand that my journey (and likely yours) has not been simple and I have not ‘arrived’ anywhere, but there are tips and tricks to making it just a little easier.

Giving you the tips and tricks I’ve used over the years to survive and thrive is the goal of this website. I want you to be able to go to the grocery store and not worry about how much you have to spend, pay that electric bill and not have to worry about what you won’t be able to pay because you are keeping the lights on, or even pay for that last-minute expense your kid’s sports team sent home last night without stress. Those struggles are reality for many of you, and I want this website to be a resource for us all to have the Cents to Thrive!

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