About Us

Thank you for stopping by! Like most of you, I am just an every day person trying to make my money work for me and my family. We all have something that has happened in life to make us wish we had either more money, had managed our money better or left us looking for ways to just make it to the next paycheck. For some it’s a car accident, job injury,job loss, house fire, medical condition, etc. There is so much going on in the lives of everyone around us that we may not know about, and my family is no exception. We are, however, in this crazy life together, so let’s help one another out!

This blog is about my adventures in employing my money instead of letting it employ me. I am in no way a financial wizard, nor am I employed or claim to be a financial adviser. Instead, this blog is about how we have made things work to help us thrive.

In order to maintain this blog, I do have to make it pay for itself. As a result, I do include affiliate links in the blog which do help pay the bills.

I hope you find this blog to be helpful, and would love to hear your feedback!!